Yeti cooler VS Lifetime cooler

Today we’re going to talk about whether you should get a Yeti cooler or a Lifetime cooler. So this post is by popular demand. People want to know should they save a ton of money with a lifetime or pay up for Yeti. And we’re going to address that question and a few others. We’re going to talk about the similarities and also the legitimate reasons why one might be preferable to the other. And by the way, over the last like a month, month and a half, we have spent like a thousand dollars just on-ice testing coolers. So if you enjoy this post and you want to support our work, make sure to give us a big old thumbs up and subscribe.

Let’s start with the similarities. First thing is same general design, right? These are both coolers. They both come in multiple different sizes. You’ve got like a, I want to say it’s a 28 core, a 55 core and a 70 something court. You’ve got the 20, the 35, the 45 to 65. Uh, just so you know, Yeti, uh, they, this, the numbers they use doesn’t actually equate to the courts inside the cooler. So like as an example, the 65 quarters is actually closer to like a 52-quart cooler and the 45 is actually closer to like a 35. I have no idea why they named them that way, but there’s smaller than the name implies. So, but overall, you know, same general design, right? Handles molded handles. You get one lock hole here, you get to locals here. Both are totally bare resistant. But interestingly enough, they aren’t leak-proof. Continue reading