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OtterBox Venture Cooler Review

OtterBox Venture CoolerToday we’re checking out the new venture coolers from OtterBox. Yes, OtterBox known more for their durable phone cases that are now venturing, pun intended into the premium outdoor cooler market. And usually when you think of premium coolers, your mind automatically gravitates towards Yeti and that’s exactly who auto box is going after in almost every single way here. So let’s get into what you need to know about these coolers and whether they’re worth it. See you guys in a minute.

So first up, let’s just cover some of the main housekeeping items. The venture coolers come in three different sizes, 25 45 and 65 as well as three different colors. And those numbers refer to the corresponding courts of internal capacity. We’ll link them down below in the description if you want to check them out. But for those of you who have trouble pitching what that really means, here’s what each size can hold. The venture 25 can hold 1412 ounce beers at a two to one ice to beverage ratio. The 45 can fit 25 of those 12-ounce beers in that same two to one ratio. And then lastly, the 65 can hold 36 12 ounce beers and each cooler is also backed by auto boxes, limited lifetime warranty and made in the good old USA. Now let’s get into the stuff that you guys actually came here for and by now you might already be wondering about price and unfortunately, I don’t have too good of news to report on this front. Continue reading